How to Clean Your Window Sill with the 71.4515.1 swab

The inner corners of windows naturally build up with pollen, dirt, pet hair, and dust. Due to their narrow structures, reaching these corners can be extremely difficult to reach without the proper tools. Members of the Swab-its team had similar issues when cleaning their homes, which is why we developed the 71-4515.1 swab.

The 71-4515.1 swab is designed so that it can reach narrow areas and remove build up. To collect more material, rinse the swab with water and blot the excess water. This will allow the swab to trap more material.

After you’re done cleaning the window, the swab can easily be washed and reused with dish soap or mineral spirits. Let the swab sit out to dry and it will be ready for its next use.

Never have to look at a dirty window sill ever again! 

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