Caution:  always ensure the firearm is unloaded and ammunition is not present when cleaning.

How To Use Bore-tips®

Select the correct gauge or caliber Bore-tip, attach to rod or pull-through, and apply solvent to the tip.  Note:  the Bore-tip is highly absorbent and will require less solvent than conventional patches. 

Whenever possible, cleaning should be done from the breech forward.  Use of a bore-guide is helpful in aligning the Bore-tip for straight insertion and keeping the rod centered in the barrel.   If it is not possible to clean from the breech, precautions should be taken not to push debris into the action when cleaning from the muzzle.  (Inserting the Bore-tip at an angle can put undue pressure on the plastic neck and result in breakage.)

Run the Bore-tip down the barrel to apply solvent to the bore.  Allow the solvent to soak several minutes to help loosen any lead or carbon build up. 

Remove the Bore-tip and attach caliber specific bore brush.  Saturate the brush with solvent and run through the barrel several times. 

Using the same Bore-tip as applied the solvent, push the loosened debris forward and blot off with a rag or paper towel as it emerges from the barrel. 

Continue pushing remaining debris out the barrel for a couple of passes, blotting on a dry cloth each time.  The Bore-tip will trap fouling and release most debris upon compression on cleaning rag.  After blotting, the Bore-tip should be clean enough to continue using to remove the fouling until you are finished cleaning.

Once the Bore-tip seems to be yielding no new fouling, attach a clean Bore-tip to dry and capture any remaining debris. 

If lubrication is desired, use a 3rd Bore-tip to apply a light coating of rust preventative/lubricant to the bore.  Note:  before firing your gun, you will need to dry swab this lubricant away.  

Swab-its® Firearms Cleaning Foam Swabs Safety:

Before using Swab-its® products, make sure the firearm is unloaded, any detachable magazines are removed and the chamber is empty. Always point the firearm in a safe direction. If you lubricate the barrel it must be dry swabbed before it is fired again. The bore should ALWAYS be clear and dry before firing.  Please refer to the owner’s manual for your firearm for safe maintenance information.

How To Clean Bore-tips®

For faster cleaning and drying use mineral spirits. Apply mineral spirits to the Bore-tip and squeeze/blot into an absorbent rag or paper towel. When the Bore-tip is clean, let dry and reuse. Using soap and water, squeeze and blot out any excess solvent or dirt. Next, wash the Bore-tip with a grease cutting soap and warm water. Once clean, rinse and allow to dry completely. 

(Note: mineral spirits work best on petroleum based solvents, while bio based solvents may feel slightly gummy if not cleaned with grease cutting soap and water.) 

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