Do You Have What it Takes to Participate in the Run ‘n Gun Biathlon?

Springfield, Massachusetts. October 13, 2017.

On October 21st, participants will navigate a 5-mile course while carrying a rifle, pistol, and ammo. There will be various obstacles including hills, trails, woods, and a river canyon. Shooters will complete five to seven shooting stations along the way. Shooting distances vary from close up to 500 yards. The following day will be a less challenging 3.5-mile sprint. Both events are a fantastic way for participants to put their preparedness and skills to the test.

Swab-its will be donating precision cleaning tools for the participants. These tools are designed to clean the toughest parts of the gun. Other sponsors include Sig, Gemtech, Walther, Odin Works, Bravo Concealment, Sons of Liberty Gun Works, TAB Gear, Loan Star Armory, and KNS Precision.

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