Super Brush foam swabs are the go-to replacement for outdated, fuzzy cotton swabs. When precision and cleanliness are important, Super Brush foam swabs provide the tool for getting the job done right. With over 3,000 styles of foam swabs, Super Brush has a swab for every job.

Our swabs offer the following advantages:

• Foam heads that are gentle on delicate parts

• Sturdy plastic handles that do not splinter and break like wooden sticks

• No adhesives used in assembly

• Heads from 1.7mm to 50mm and handles up to 2.5 meters

Use Super Brush swabs to apply solvents, adhesives, sealants, paint, lubricants, or to clean parts and equipment.

Super Brush is a US-based manufacturer with over 60 years’ experience. When precision performance is needed to apply, spread, clean or collect material on a surface, Super Brush has a swab for every job!