Swab-its® Dealer Ordering and Pricing

Add Swab-its® firearm cleaning supplies to your shop today to attract new buyers to your store and shop! 

Swab-its offers:

  • Bore-tips® in nine caliber-specific sizes from 22cal to 28 GA
  • Gun-tips® in variety packs, multi-packs and precision packs
  • Bore-Whips™ the newest pull-though cleaning device for .177 and 22 cal
  • Bore-Sticks™ the brand new 3-in-1 cleaning tool to replace the rod, patch and jag
  • Star Chamber the brand new AR15 cleaning swab to clean the chambers and locking lugs

All Swab-its firearms cleaning foam swabs are lint-free, washable and re-usable. 

Our products offer new profit opportunities for dealers and better cleaning for consumers. Contact us today at customerservice@swab-its.com or 1.413.543.1442 to learn more or place an order!