Where Did September Go?

It was just yesterday where the crisp, autumn air was entering the Super Brush building. All of the employees were talking about how their child started yet another school year. Some of their children are going off to middle school and some are starting to look at colleges. Some of the younger employees were already cheering about Halloween costumes and fall decorations.

Every new season is an opportunity to start fresh. For some of us, fall brings out the new possibilities with the changing weather and the new school year. That is why Super Brush developed the 99% IPA Foam Swab (now on sale). It can erase all of the mistakes on your keyboard with one swoop. The swab is developed to be able to clean between your keys and get you ready for the new season.

After all, October is just around the corner.

Swab-its® is a registered trademark of Super Brush LLC.

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