Stocking Stuffers for the Shooter Who Has it All

It's that time of the year again. Holiday tunes are blaring on the radio and the snow is ready to fall. Gifts may have been purchased and wrapped for everyone else except that hunter who seems to have it all already. The Swab-its team wants to help by showing you the ultimate list of stocking stuffers. 



Multi-Size Gun Cleaning Value Pack

This value bag includes five caliber specific Bore-Tips® sizes. They are designed to reach 100% of the bore to spread fluids more evenly than mops and patches. The pack includes 28 swabs: six .22/5.56mm, 357/9mm, six .30/7.62mm, five .40/10mm and five .45/11.5mm. This complete package is ideal for someone who has a variety of different firearms.



Large Surface Gun Cleaning Swabs

The Large Surface Gun-tips®  are made out of durable foam that will not leave lint or fibers behind. The Large Surface is ideal for cleaning mag wells, dust covers, slides, lower and upper receivers, trigger assemblies, and bolt carrier assemblies. This package contains 24 swabs. 



Precision Tip Gun Cleaning Swabs

The Precision Tip Gun-tips® are ideal for reaching the tight areas of the gun such as slide rails, frames, trigger assemblies, compensators, and extractor ports. These swabs are ideal for anyone who is particular about their firearms. The package contains 24 swabs.



FrogLube Cleaning Solution Kit with Bore-tips and Gun-Tips

If you're a one-stop shopper this is the package for you. This kit includes the multi-size Bore-tips® value pack, our 9-piece Gun-tips® kit, and Frog Lube paste. This is ideal for the firearm owner who seems to always run out of gun cleaning supplies or wants to try a variety of different cleaning products.





Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs

As our best seller, you're sure to hit a home run with this present. The Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs is perfect for any AR or MSR enthusiast. The swab is designed to reach between locking lugs, and expand into chamber and barrel extensions for 360 degrees of contact.




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