Rocky Mountain Sports now carries Swab-its® AR-15 Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs™ in Gillette, WY

Swab-its® Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs™ are now included in Rocky Mountain Sports’ Product Line

Springfield, Massachusetts. July 25, 2017.

Rocky Mountain Discount Sports offers a wild range of hunting supplies including bows and archery equipment, firearms, optics, ammunition, and accessories for shooting and hunting.

Swab-its® Firearm Cleaning Products is excited to announce that Rocky Mountain Sports, a competitive hunting and fishing store, has added Swab-its AR-15 Star Chamber Cleaners™ to their product line. Rocky Mountain Discount Sports offers a range of hunting supplies and now adding AR-15 Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs to their extensive Swab-its product line.

The AR-15 Star Chamber Cleaning foam swab is capable of cleaning 360-degrees of the barrel extension making it one of the leading gun cleaning products. The foam wings make sure that each chamber is thoroughly cleaned by being able to reach behind and in between of locking lunges of the AR-15. The Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swab is designed so that it can easily be entered through the ejection port. This is to ensure that the rifle does not have to be broken down in order to reach the barrel extension. The neon color doubles as an empty chamber indicator for on range safety. This durable, lint free, solvent and lubricant friendly Swab-it is also washable and reusable so that one can clean their AR-15 for ages to come.

“Unlike our competitors Swab-its Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs are lint free, expand in the chamber providing a much more effective clean than felt pads, mops, or patches, and last almost forever due to the durable material and washable and reusable design,” reports Ethan Buckley, Swab-its Sales Associate. 

Find Swab-its Gun-tips line, including Swab-its AR-15 Star Chamber Cleaners, on Rocky Mountain Discount Sports’ website

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