How the Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swab Will Change Your Life

Let’s face it, cleaning your AR-15 and AR-1O chambers can be a nightmare when you are using an outdated bag of patches, mops or felt pads. Grease gets everywhere, patches lose grip, and it is incredibly time-consuming. Here at Swab-its®, we have the answer to all your problems. Our new product, the Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swab™, can clean your gun not only better but quicker than any bag of patches, mops, and felt pads. Like all our swabs, it has a durable lint-free and fiber-free tip so that you don’t have to worry about having to pick out lint residue out of your firearm. The two wings are an extension to make sure that it reaches 360 degrees of the Barrel Extensions Chamber. After you’re done cleaning your firearm, you can wash the Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs with degreasing soap and water. This will ensure that you will have limitless uses.

Join others in discovering the benefits of the Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swab today.

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