Three Things You Need to Know Before the Del Mar Electronics and Manufacturing Show

The Swab-its team will be showing our durable, lint-free swabs at the Del Mar Electronics and Manufacturing Show May 2, 10 am – 5 pm and May 3, 10 am - 3 pm. 

When cleanliness is critical, major electronics, medical device, pharmaceutical and maintenance organizations look to Swab-its® and our line of lint-free foam swabs.  The reasons you need to stop by our booth is: 

Our swabs can handle sharp areas.

Our swabs are made out of durable, lint-free foam so that it won’t snag on sharp materials or leave lint behind.

Our swabs can reach small spaces.

The Super Brush Nano-tip™ swab offers a 1.7mm foam mitt on a 10 cm handle.

Our swabs are perfect for hard to reach areas.

Swab-its® Tube Swab line with handles 45 inches in length.  Tube Swabs are unique in the industry and provide a lint-free tool for removing and applying materials to inner tube diameters. 

To learn more information about our innovative swabs visit us at or booth 633. Hope to see you there.


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