Gifts for the Small Game Hunter

 If your loved one enjoys hunting coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, woodchucks, or prairie dogs, this is the gift guide for him or her. These durable, lint-free swabs are perfect for cleaning the most critical parts of small game shooter's firearm. The foam strong enough to use countless uses and can be reused time after time. 

.17cal/.177cal/4.5mm Air Rifle Gun Cleaning Bore-Whips

Tested by the ROTC program, these pull-through Bore-Whips function not only as a cleaning tool but as an Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI). Bore-Whips are well suited for the demands of cleaning airguns, while also being equally adept on centerfire and rim fire. Each bag contains 3 Bore-Whips that can be used multiple times with a quick wash. 

.22cal/5.56mm Pull-Thru Gun Cleaning Bore-whips™

This Bore-Whip is ideal for guns suited for the .22/5.56 caliber. Similar to the .17 cal, it can be used as an Empty Chamber Indicator as well as clean difficult areas of firearms. A great range bag addition, the Bore-Whip simplifies cleaning and lubrication of more difficult to access guns like the Ruger 10/22 or Mark III. 

Large Surface Gun Cleaning Swabs

The Large Surface Gun-tips®  are made out of durable foam that will not leave lint or fibers behind. The Large Surface is ideal for cleaning mag wells, dust covers, slides, lower and upper receivers, trigger assemblies, and bolt carrier assemblies. This package contains 24 swabs. 

Precision Tip Gun Cleaning Swabs

The Precision Tip Gun-tips® are ideal for reaching the tight areas of the gun such as slide rails, frames, trigger assemblies, compensators, and extractor ports. These swabs are ideal for anyone who is particular about their firearms. The package contains 24 swabs.

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