Stocking Stuffers for the Pistol Shooter

 If you're shopping for someone who never leaves the house without his or her holster... these are the perfect gifts for him or her. Lint, dirt, and debris get trapped in the small compensate of the gun. To clean them Swab-its has designed three different products that will reach every corner of the firearm. Keep your loved one safe by giving them Swab-its this year.  

.357cal/9mm Bore-Sticks

 This 3-in-one tool is the most effective way to clean your handgun. The sleek design removes the purpose of needing a jag, rod, and patch. It has a convenient 8.5-inch handle assuring that the entire swab will be able to clean inside the bore. This package contains 4 Bore-Sticks capable of cleaning bores, magazines, wells, and chambers. 

9-Piece Gun-Tips

This 9-piece kit of Gun-Tips includes three Large Surface swabs, two Precision Tips, two Extended Reach, and two Mini Tips. These four different sizes are capable of reaching around corners and strong enough to resist breaking. Gun-tips are also washable and reusable assuring many uses. The 9-piece kit is ideal for trying out each Gun-Tip.  NOTE:  each of these sizes is also available in individual bags of 24 pieces.

.357/9mm Bore-Tips

Caliber specific, Bore-tips are tough, reusable foam tips engineered for 100% bore contact; spreading fluids more evenly than mops and patches without lint or fibers.  Their non-abrasive foam allows them to be run in both directions, while their absorbency requires less solvent/lubricant.  Washable and reusable, they affix to a standard rod with 8/32 thread.  The .357/9mm Bore-tip also work with .38, .380, .38-55 Winchester, .350 Remington Mag, 9x18 Makarov and more.  

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