Get the Longest Life out of Your Pharmacy Equipment

Uncoated tablets can create dust and powder that will collect on sensor lenses. When this happens, it creates the signal to diminish the accuracy of applications. Luckily, Super Brush has developed precision foam swabs for cleaning photoelectric sensors. The foam in our swabs is adhesive and lint free to assure that no chemicals or residue will be left behind on laboratory equipment.

Super Brush foam swabs are:

  • Lint-free and durable
  • Non-abrasive and absorbent
  • Visual clean verification of surfaces
  • Clean laboratory equipment including photoelectric sensors, machines, and table tops.

If you want the longest life out of your pharmacy equipment, pick up a swab from Super Brush today.

About Super Brush

The American made compounding pharmacy swabs from Super Brush are designed with you in mind. These swabs are designed to effectively clean photoelectric sensors. Each swab is engineered with lint-free durable foam to assure that no excess material gets left behind. Our swabs come in all shapes and sizes in order to clean areas thoroughly. Find our Super Brush branded products through our website

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