Foam Swab Manufacturer Super Brush will be Exhibiting at the 2024 Plastec West

The Super Brush sales and development team will be showcasing a wide-range of durable, lint-free, adhesive-free foam swab products at the annual Plastec West Trade Show in Anaheim, California, February 6-8, 2024, in Booth #3882.  The Super Brush team will be exhibiting swabs for cleaning molds and applying mold release, as well as swabs for diagnostic sample collection, device assembly operations, inclusion in medical kits and trays, as well as swabs for cleaning electronics and printers.

The annual Plastec West plays an important role in advancing manufacturing through plastics technology and Super Brush manufactures foam swabs with unique molded and extruded handles that can be used in a wide range of industries around the world.

“With our extensive experience in swab development, Super Brush has the expertise to design foam swabs to meet specific kit, package or application requirements,” says Diane Henry, Director of Sales. “Our foam swabs are engineered without adhesives, so they will not contaminate the fluid being applied.  In addition, each mitt is made with durable, lint-free foam and plastic.”

The USA manufacturer Super Brush will be at Booth #3882 for all three days in the Anaheim Convention Center exhibiting their lint-free, durable foam swabs at Plastic West – the center hub for top suppliers of plastics. 20,000 advanced manufacturing professionals are expected to attend to familiarize themselves with the latest technologies in biocompatible materials, components, assembly, and contract manufacturing – fields in which Super Brush lint-free swabs have provided critical solutions.

Super Brush has manufactured their foam swabs in the USA for 65 years. Super Brush’s quality system is certified to ISO 13485 and their manufacturing facility is FDA registered.

Visitors to the booth will also see an extensive selection of Super Brush’s specialty foam swab products and retail products. The Super Brush team will be available at Booth #3882 to answer any questions about their products. You can also find more information on our complete line of USA-made Super Brush LLC lint-free foam swabs at or contact

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About Super Brush:

Super Brush LLC specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of foam swabs and applicators. From cosmetic applicators to cleanroom compatible swabs, Super Brush provides industries with technically advanced foam swabs for precision cleaning of laboratory equipment and delicate surfaces, collecting samples, removing excess materials, applying lubricants, solvents, adhesives, topical antiseptics, and a host of other solutions. ISO certified, FDA registered.

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