Black Bird Shopping Center Includes Swab-its® 9mm Bore-Sticks to Their Product Line

 Swab-its® 9mm Bore-Sticks are now included with Black Bird Shopping Center’s Product Line

Springfield, Massachusetts. July 25, 2017.

Black Bird Shopping Center is an army surplus store located in Medford, OR. Black Bird Shopping Center sells everything from hunting and fishing to automotive and hardware. It is often referred to as a men’s toy store ad is southern Oregon’s largest family-owned sporting goods store.

Swab-its® Firearm Cleaning Products is excited to announce that Black Bird Shopping Center, an army surplus store, has added Swab-its 9mm Bore-Sticks™ to their product line. This three-in-one Bore-stick replaces the jag, patch, and rod. The 10” molded rod acts as the perfect replacement and will work for both 9mm and .357. This durable, lint free, solvent and lubricant friendly Swab-it is also washable and reusable so that one can clean their guns for ages to come.

“Unlike our competitors, Swab-its 9mm Bore-Sticks are lint free, provide a more effective clean than felt pads, mops, or patches, and last almost forever due to the durable material and washable and reusable design,” reports Ethan Buckley, Swab-its Sales Associate. 

Find Swab-its Gun-tips line, including Swab-its 9mm Bore Stick, on Black Bird Shopping Center’s website


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