$750 Worth of Bore-Tips Donated to the NSSF Colorado Rimfire at Weld State Championship

Swab-its supplies .22 cal Bore-Tips for participants and shooters

Springfield, Massachusetts. August 22, 2017.

The NSSF Colorado Rimfire is hosting an overflow shoot for men, women, and children. On September 2nd, there will be 75 shooters in different shooting matches. This event was created seven years ago in order to increase awareness of shooting sports, especially among women and juniors. The match will consist of 8 different stages, 4 handgun and 4 rifle, and 200 targets using only .22LR ammo.  Tickets are $60 for men, $45 for women and juniors, $25 for youth, and $5 for an additional lunch. All of these tickets can be purchased through their website.

Swab-its is proud to be a sponsor for this incredible event. The Swab-its team has donated 125 packs of .22 cal Bore-tips for participants. Swab-its patented tools offer a fast and efficient firearm cleaning solution, which ultimately replaces the hassle of patches and mops. With caliber specific, lint-free and fiber-free foam, 360-degrees of the firearm will be cleaned and preserved for safe firearm use. After using, the swabs can be washed and reused resulting in a long product life. These lightweight and portable swabs can meet any needs at the home, field, or range.

To find out more information about the NSSF Colorado Rimfire at Weld State Championship visit http://www.wcfw.org/action_pistol/rimfire_app_2017-1.pdf 

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