5 Ways to Use Your New Teddy Bear Swab & Samples

You may have been a little confused why you were handed a teddy bear swab at a recent trade show. However, Super Brush LLC has come up with five ways you could use this swab at home and at work.

  1. Clean laboratory equipment
  2. Collect dust and particles from 2D and 3D printers and equipment
  3. Visually clean verification of surfaces
  4. Apply lubricants and solvents
  5. Clean the corners of your keyboard

But if the teddy bear doesn’t do the job, we have over 3,000 different foam swabs to choose from at www.swab-its.com. For the past 65 years, Super Brush LLC has been the leading manufacturer in foam swabs for cleaning, applying, spreading, or removing materials across the world. When you have a job, we have a swab!

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